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    helps children with Down syndrome

Proyecto Yannick.

Proyecto Yannick helps children with Down syndrome and their parents in Celendín, Peru. We do so by providing information, education and medical assistance.


Forming an Image.

Parents are often ashamed of their handicapped child and keep the child shut off from society. We are trying to positively influence this image so that these children can participate more in normal daily life.


Who are 'we'?

'We' are Susan van der Wielen, Berry Denessen and Cindy Lenssen, enthusiastic volunteers who form the board of the Stichting Proyecto Yannick in the Netherlands.



Your contribution, however large or small, once-only or recurrent, will be extremely appreciated and spent with care and wisdom. You can use the 'Doneren' button, at the top right of this page.



Via our website, we would like to tell you about our project and to keep you informed about our progress and activities. Please have a look!



Thank you!

Thank you for your visit, your interest and any donation you might make.


Although there are no official figures about the number of people with Down syndrome in Peru, it is clear that the number is a considerably large one. In general, those living in the poorest areas have the hardest lives.

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Our team consists of passionate and experienced vollunteers,
who love what they do and always look forward to face new challenges.

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